Square One

I guess I should begin with a background of myself. I mean, the tales are mine to tell right?Might as well give the reader an understanding of the narrator.

The basics. I was born in Knoxville, Tennessee and so volunteer blood runs through my veins. I would like to say Tennessee is where I grew up, but I moved around so much before high school that I can hardly put a finger on one place. After Tennessee was South Carolina followed by North Carolina. Next was Alabama and finally Florida. In Florida I still didn’t remain in one spot. I started on the west coast in a small town south of Tampa. After that was central Florida where I have bounced around since in the small towns north of Orlando.

Both my parents were born and raised in the south so my upbringing has had a strong southern influence. When I say a strong southern influence I am not including anything radical or racial, as current society associates with a lot of white southerners. But I do love southern food, a good worn in pair of boots, and small town life. Most importantly, values of faith, family, and country I attribute to my southern upbringing.

I graduated high school as a student athlete and a single father. I learned how to work hard at an earlier age than most. That started with concrete construction and landscaping in hot Florida summers. I went to college for 2 years while working and being a dad. It was during this time I got interested in the medical field. I went to EMT school and got a job at a hospital in downtown Orlando before I finished. The hospital is the only level one trauma center in all of central Florida. Once I finished EMT school, I started working in the emergency room and in the trauma bay. Almost at the same time, I decided I needed more and joined the Army National Guard to be a 68W army medic.

Most people barely know what the National Guard is. The people who have been in the service or still are, nicknamed it the “weekend warriors.” The Guard is similar to the reserves with the exception that the Guard is state funded rather than under the federal budget. Each state has its own Guard. We deploy in wartime just like active duty but are also tasked with responding to crisis in our respective state. At one point I would have chosen to live the army life and be active duty, but I can’t imagine not being around my son as much as the Guard allows me to be.

That’s the basics on me. I would like to conclude with the point of this blog. Working my civilian job and working as a medic in the army has allowed me to see and experience a lot of things few people get the chance to. I’m proud of my life and my accomplishments and think most of my stories are pretty interesting. I would like to share them in a very casual way with anyone willing to read about them. If nothing else it’s a good way for me to document my experiences and look back on in the years to come. There isn’t necessarily any order to these tales, and at times they will switch gears from military to civilian and back. I will include pictures when I can and as much detail as I think is necessary. At the same time, places and people may be substituted with fiction due to their sensitivity to the military and the hospital.


The Witch Doctor


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